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Konjac Sponge

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Konjac Sponge

Vida Beauty Facial & Body Konjac Sponge is unbelievable soft and excellent for all skin types. It is made of 100% pure Konjac vegetable finer and process with out any coloring or additives. Konjac is a moisture rich plant fiber with is by nature alkaline, and thus balances the acidly of the skin's impurities and oils. The unique net like structure of the sponge gently massages the skin, breaks down dirt, stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells. Leaving your skin extremely clean and refreshed!


Our Konjac sponge that exfoliates and stimulates your skin in a healthy, NATURAL manner. No more harsh chemicals. No more dangerous toxins. The


Natural Konjac Sponge is 100% organic, gently eliminating blackheads and cleansing your pores.,
Why compromise your health with products that contain harsh chemicals and additives on your skin? Vida Konjac Sponge is completely natural, eco-friendly and free of parabens, sulphates & chemicals. It is biodegrade, cruelty free and vegan. After use, you can compost the sponge and feel good about the environment! You can even add it to your flower pot! our packaging is 90% compostable Your satisfaction is our PASSION! We are dedicated to our customers, with 100% satisfaction. We aren't satisfied until YOU are  satisfied.
Great For
  • Bath Sponge
  • Facial Sponge
  • Body Sponge
  • Make up removal
  • Skin car

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