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benefit of konjac sponge

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The world of beauty is vast, and something new often hits the market every year, e.g. 2013 was the year of alphabet cream while in 2014 Asian import konjac sponge was all the rage.

Sponges are the cleaning tools used for centuries by the people to remove embedded impurities from the skin. They can be synthetic (made from cellulose, charcoal, wood fibers and plastic polymers, etc.) or natural (plant or animal derived). One of the natural sponges that recently got the attention is konjac as it helps to slough away dirt, dead cells, blackheads and oil from the surface of the skin. Pure konjac sponge only contains fibers derived from the konjac plant; however intervention of different beauty product companies has enhanced its ingredients for additional benefits. These include

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins (A, B-complex, C, D & E)
  • Natural minerals (Copper, magnesium, zinc, & iron)
  • Proteins, lipids and fatty acids

Benefits of konjac sponge

Though konjac sponges appear just like weird kitchen sponges i.e. rough, dry and feel squishy against the skin, yet they do some things very well.


Our skin is in constant growth phase such that dead, worn out cells are continuously being replaced by new, fresh cells. There are many skin scrubbers and exfoliating devices are available in the market; however, they are either too expensive or have a potential to harm your soft skin. Konjac sponges are easy to use and provide instant and efficient exfoliation. Treat your skin with Konjac sponge to help hydrate, smooth skin texture, slough away dead cells and unclog pores.

Help remove makeup

Women know that after a long busy day, wearing off their makeup is how hard especially when it is waterproof. Though several commercial wipes and makeup removers are available that often gets the job quickly; however, no one match konjac sponge in its action. Konjac sponge, when used with soap and water readily break down stubborn water resistant makeup without any additional effort. Plus point is, you can also remove mascara around your eyes without any irritation.

Decrease occurrence of acne

Acne is the most common skin disease of puberty that is characterized by excess accumulation of sebum, oil, and dirt in the roots of hair follicle. Excess sebum and other oily secretions have the tendency to break down cellular walls of skin cells, resulting in bacterial growth. Regular use of konjac sponge with an anti-bacterial soap will decrease the incidence of acne, seborrhea, and dermatitis. Remember, use of konjac sponge is a precautionary measure to prevent acne. It is not an effective treatment for acne; rather it can even worsen the condition!

Keep your skin blemish free

You don’t have to use cleanser, scrubber or exfoliator separately because konjac sponge has a slight alkaline pH which is effective in removing the grime and smoothing out your fine lines. Its slight alkaline nature can also keep your skin blemish and dark spot free because it balances the acidic pH of the skin.

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